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February 28, 2007

finally blogging

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In the beginning, people would “surf” the Internet.

The “surfers” would think of the web as an enormous pool of information, where one could search for and research about everything.

That perception, however, has changed a lot since those early days and continues to evolve towards an unclear destiny – we simply don’t have a clue of where it is taking us, but nonetheless, it IS taking us.

Instant messengers, wikis, peer-to-peer file sharing and many other… hmm… “cool web technologies” have permanently changed the way everyone uses the Internet. And one thing I particularly like about this series of nearly daily revolutions is that it is forcing people to be a part of it. The days when only geeks would take advantage of the virtual world and its many, many aspects are long gone.

The Internet today is not about information; it is about expression and communication, it is about personality, culture, style and art, it is about us and about what we make of it, it is about itself. We are learning new ways of using the Internet as a tool, we are understanding that it can help us more if we see it as something beyond a static source of information. An encyclopedia on the Internet is not a book, it is much more than that.

Blogs are just another step in that path that leads us to god-knows-where. As time passes, the revolution forces the population to learn how to “use” blogs. Not everyone will be posting, but they will certainly be reading.

Under my personal perspective, the tide has finally pushed me strong enough to make me face it: It is time to blog.

“glide along” is, above all, an experimental portal for some of my thoughts and ideas and I will hopefully be successful in posting them in the form of interesting reading material, I hope you like, comment and contribute.

Ok, enough with the meta-talk.

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  1. Dear Ricardo,

    It was very important to me, in Brazil, get in touch with your comments about the inevitable importance of blogs in the way we live, the way we see and explain the world. I think blog is not to “used”, but to be experienced. I invite you to “experience” my blog –
    Yara Peres

    Comment by Yara Peres — March 20, 2007 @ 1:47 pm

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