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September 29, 2007

Birmann Grooves 02 – Another Mood

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On my last post, I listed a compilation of songs that I’ve been digging a lot lately. The problem is that, unless someone has ALL the mentioned songs and goes through the trouble of putting it together, the whole thing is absolutely pointless.

I am thinking about ways of making the files available for download here, but the songs add up to 130Mb file, and that is simply too much.

I am planning on getting a dedicated server and change my hosting provider soon, this will definitely make things easier (and a lot faster!!) and maybe then I’ll set up a podcast.

In the meantime, I’ve come up with a second compilation, here’s Birmann Grooves 02 – Another Mood:

01 Lesson 6 (reprise) Jurassic 5

02 It’s Alright Now Eddie Harris

03 Everybody Needs a 303 Fatboy Slim

04 Suco de Tangerina Beastie Boy

05 Flying Saucer Dudes Bela Fleck and The Flecktones

06 Sabbatical De-Phazz

07 Guntenmorgenduft Dzihan & Kamien

08 Common Mama Keith Jarrett

09 Forty Days Funk Como Le Gusta

10 Chocolate City The Clinton Administration

11 Lost in the K-hole Chemical Brothers

12 Good Times Bad Times Led Zeppelin

13 Banana Boat Song Harry Belafonte

I also drew covers for both of them:

BG01 Push The Tempo:


BG02 Another Mood:


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