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September 29, 2007

Birmann Grooves 02 – Another Mood

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On my last post, I listed a compilation of songs that I’ve been digging a lot lately. The problem is that, unless someone has ALL the mentioned songs and goes through the trouble of putting it together, the whole thing is absolutely pointless.

I am thinking about ways of making the files available for download here, but the songs add up to 130Mb file, and that is simply too much.

I am planning on getting a dedicated server and change my hosting provider soon, this will definitely make things easier (and a lot faster!!) and maybe then I’ll set up a podcast.

In the meantime, I’ve come up with a second compilation, here’s Birmann Grooves 02 – Another Mood:

01 Lesson 6 (reprise) Jurassic 5

02 It’s Alright Now Eddie Harris

03 Everybody Needs a 303 Fatboy Slim

04 Suco de Tangerina Beastie Boy

05 Flying Saucer Dudes Bela Fleck and The Flecktones

06 Sabbatical De-Phazz

07 Guntenmorgenduft Dzihan & Kamien

08 Common Mama Keith Jarrett

09 Forty Days Funk Como Le Gusta

10 Chocolate City The Clinton Administration

11 Lost in the K-hole Chemical Brothers

12 Good Times Bad Times Led Zeppelin

13 Banana Boat Song Harry Belafonte

I also drew covers for both of them:

BG01 Push The Tempo:


BG02 Another Mood:


August 27, 2007

Birmann Grooves 01 – Push the Tempo

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01 Frontier Psychiatrist The Avalanches

02 Love Rears Its Ugly Head Living Colour

03 Colibri Incognito

04 It’s Too Funky In Here James Brown

05 Meanwhile Back In The City The Presidents Of The United States Of America

06 Ya Mama Fatboy Slim

07 Water No Get Enemy Fela Kuti

08 The Art Of Walking Blockhead

09 Chocolate Covered Nut Liquid Soul

10 The Jim Pedersen Theme Xploding Plastix

11 What’s Your Trip? Tower Of Power

12 Chamaleon Herbie Hancock

13 Mangueira Seu Jorge

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